St Moores aim to provide Landlords with peace of mind and a sense of security. The professional staff will take care of all Landlord’s needs whether its a Fully Managed Property or an Unmanaged Property.
In the cases of Fully Managed, they will take care of everything, from advertising and finding a tenant for the property to collecting the rent, solving any maintenance issues and carrying out a closing inventory.

With Let-Only Property Management, St Moores will endeavour to find the most suitable tenant and will go as far as preparing the contract and handing over keys. St Moores intend to make all their Landlords feel at ease and confident with the way in which their property is being tenanted and maintained.St Moores register all deposits with a Tenancy Deposit Scheme. 

St Moores are members of ARLA giving Landlords full protection in regards to rent and deposits.  We are happy to talk to you without obligation, whatever your situation.